Time Reporting & Approval

Time & Leave Reporting/Instructions

All hours worked or leave taken must be submitted each pay period in a timely manner to ensure an employee’s paycheck is correct. Any hours not submitted or approved by the second Friday at 12:00 pm may not be paid in a timely manner. The OFA HR team will approve all hours for payment by 12:00 pm the Monday following the end of the pay period.

Instructions For Employees (link guide)

Instructions For Supervisors (link guide)

Time & Leave Reporting Responsibilities


Hourly - responsible for reporting hours worked in TAS and MyASU

Salaried - responsible for reporting leave taken in TAS and MyASU


responsible for approving all hours worked/taken in TAS


responsible for approving all hours approved by supervisor in PeopleSoft

Late Time Entry/Approval 

Any hours that were not submitted by the employee or approved by the supervisor before the deadline may not be included on the employee’s paycheck. When this occurs, the employee or supervisor will need to contact an OFA HR team member to notify them of the late submission. The team member will work with the employee or supervisor to have the hours processed. If all deadlines have passed, the missed hours will be added to the employee’s check for the next pay period.