Signing Contracts

With the exception of center’s with business staff (specifically, Lodestar, Morrison, CABHP, CVP, and SIRC), All agreements, contracts, or other Memorandum of Understanding’s (MOU) must be forwarded to Carmen D’Angelo for the approval signature of the Dean,  Office of General Council, or Provost.  Authority of approval to sign contracts are only granted to the Dean, Office of General Council, Provost office (outside of certain circumstances, such as affiliation agreements [MM1] or facilities, speaker honorariums, contractor agreements, catering, or banquet orders less than 5/10k).  Policy link (attached): 

In most cases on a contract, the General Counsel and a 3rd party will review. They will make their recommendations for changes to the documents for any legal purposes, then Provost must sign on our behalf. Please allow additional time for your agreements for this approval process (4-6 weeks) and be sure to obtain the appropriate ASU signature before beginning work or sending it to your other parties.

For the center’s listed above, please contact General Counsel directly for review.