Purchasing Cards

  • To request a new purchasing card, please visit http://www.asu.edu/purchasing/forms/CH_agree_applic.pdf.  Fill out the application and submit to  Rhonda Newman in the Office of Finance & Administration. Rhonda is the College’s P-card Manager and will be auditing your statements monthly.
  • Each month you will receive your statements directly from JP Morgan Chase or from the Business Services Team. Please fill out the p-card Reconciliation Worksheet located here: http://www.asu.edu/purchasing/forms/PC_reconcil_worksheet.pdf. Also fill out the P-card Transaction Log located here: http://www.asu.edu/purchasing/forms/PC_trans_log.pdf. An Excel version of this Log can be requested from the College's P-card Manager, Rhonda Newman, if you prefer. Attach all statements, itemized receipts, detailed descriptions of what was purchased, and extensive explanation as to how the items were used and the ASU Public benefit/purpose. Submit this reconciled statement to the P-card Manager within 2 weeks of receiving your statement. P-card that are not consistently reconciled in a timely manner will be reduced to zero balances at the discretion of the Business Services Team .
  •  Charges that are restricted on a p-card are listed here: http://www.asu.edu/purchasing/forms/restrictlist.pdf

If you make a purchase that is restricted and not allowed on a p-card, please contact the Business Services Team P-card Manager immediately to rectify.

  • If a charge on a p-card needs to be moved to a different account or sub-org than the one that is automatically billed to that card, please email PUBSRVpcard@asu.edu immediately after charging so that the expense can in PaymentNet before it hits your account incorrectly.