Media & Recording Studio

The Media and Recording Studio, located in UCENT 780 Q, is a self-serve solution for faculty to meet a variety of instructional needs, including:

  • recording audio for lectures or other presentations in a sound-controlled environment
  • editing audio, video, or slideshow files, using higher-tech software than is generally available on personal machines
  • developing interactive digital learning products for use in Blackboard or other websites

The studio is primarily focused on audio recording, but there will be a simple backdrop and some spotlights available for very basic talking-head videos, recorded by the computer’s webcam, should the need arise.  The room will have sound-absorbent foam and sophisticated audio recording equipment, to ensure a high quality of audio.

Additionally, we will have the following software available for use, should you have the knowledge of how to use them:

  • Camtasia
  • TechSmith Relay
  • Adobe Presenter
  • Audacity
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • MS PowerPoint
  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, Flash, InDesign…)

Any College instructor wishing to use the room must first take the time to review the below video about how to use the studio.  After going through that training, instructors can self-schedule for any available slot during business hours.  Please note, we cannot provide in-depth training in how to use the software applications available. You are responsible for learning any software you wish to use.

Instructions for using the studio

  • Make sure you bring a USB drive with you to store your files.  The studio’s computer will be cleaned out regularly, and files will be deleted.  You may also choose to upload your files into a cloud storage such as Dropbox or GoogleDrive, instead of using a USB.
  • Please do not touch the settings on the recording equipment.  If something is not working, contact the Office of Education Innovation for assistance.
  • Please respect the equipment, and take extreme care with it.  Do not remove the microphones from their holders, as they could drop.  No food or drink is allowed in the studio.
  • Follow all instructions posted in the studio.
  • A set of tutorials will be provided in the studio.  The tutorials can also be found here. [ ]