Print and Graphic Design

Print is not dead

As the world moves forward into the digital age, print is often forgotten. However, much of our audience still relies on print materials to get their message out. Please allow extra time for content development and photography. Print times range from 2-10 days depending on the scope of the project. All printing is done through external vendors. You will receive quotes in advance. 

Areas of support


  • graphics
  • logos


  • print publications
  • digital publications


We hope to accommodate as many photo and video requests as possible. Advance notice will help us with scheduling. If we are unable to help with a particular event, we will provide freelance photographer contacts. But think beyond just events—we’d like to build a library of photos and video that is representative of the college's innovative research activities, the student experience and engagement with community partners. 

Reports or other large-scale projects3-4 weeks
Brochures1-2 weeks
Quick-turn, small projects or short updates1-3 days


Heather Beshears
Director of Strategic Marketing and Communications
(602) 496-0406