Performance Evaluations

Faculty Evaluations

Faculty evaluations are handled through the unit and the Dean’s Office. For additional information or questions, please contact your unit’s Executive Assistant or the Dean’s Assistant.

Staff Evaluations

Performance evaluations are done on an annual basis for administrative, classified and university staff employees. Evaluations are done on a calendar year basis and are due to the College Business Services team no later than January 30th for the previous year’s rating period. Supervisors should complete and review the evaluation with the employee in advance of this deadline.

Staff Performance Evaluation Forms

The Office of Human Resources maintains the templates that can be used when completing an employee’s evaluation. Templates can be found at

Staff Self-Evaluation Form

Although the College does not require staff to do a formal self-evaluation, the College does provide employees with a template that can be used for this purpose.

Student Evaluations

Performance evaluations for student employees are not required but are recommended. Evaluations assist students in their development and enhance the work experience. Supervisors should complete a summary of the employee’s overall work performance citing examples of the student’s work.


The Office of Human Resources offers a number of useful resources on their Performance Management webpage. Supervisors and employees can also contact the College Business Services HR team for questions or concerns.