Payments to Professional Services

  1. Please see the guide to Paying for Consulting Services (link to Guide to Paying for Consulting Services)
  2. Please refer to FIN 421–01: Guest Lecturers, Consultants, and Other Independent Contractors for payments for Profession Services. Reference the table under procedures for a list of forms and policies.
  3. Please note employees of ASU (including RAs, TA, student works, etc.) are required to be paid through payroll.
  4. Purchasing provides a summary of requirements to pay for Professional Services here and Tax Services has a FAQ section here.
  5. Hiring individuals for services may require the Independent Contractor Checklist form. This must be completed and review by Tax Services before ASU can agree to pay for the service. Please see the first page of the form for a list of exceptions.
  6. How to submit an Independent Contractor Checklist (ICC) form for review
    1. Review it for completeness
    2. Submit an e-form with the attached ICC form
    3. Once it is reviewed by tax, OFA will update the ticket
    4. How to pay for Professional Services
      1. Submit an e-from with the invoice, DPSO form all other required forms (i.e. W9, ICC form, etc.)