New Account Requests

Steps needed to establish Advantage (ASU Financial System) or ASU Foundation (IFAS) accounts.

New Foundation Account:  Submit a budget request e-form

1. Title of account/account name
2. School/center name
3. Is this a gift or donation?
4. Purpose of account
5. Is this an endowment, quasi-endowment, or non-endowed operating account? 
6. Is a corresponding scholarship account needed?
7. List of names and ASURITE IDs for anyone that you would like added to the account.(will be in addition to business/budget team)

New State or Local Account:  Submit a budget request 

1. Account name
2. Purpose of account (what will the account be used for; please list why another local account cannot be used.)
3. List sources of revenue and amount:  
  • tuition/fees
  • transfers from another account (if so, another college or external department)
  • Misc. (please provide details)
  • Gifts (transfer from Foundation)
4. Does this need to be a general purpose fund (GPF)? 
5. Provide total expenses by categories listed below.
  • All other operating
  • Transfers out
  • Salaries
  • Employee-related expenses (ERE)
6. Provide a list of the account signers and who should be listed as the org manager. (fiscal person responsible for account)