Gift Cards (Incentives)

  • Purchasing gift cards and/or gift certificates: You must follow the normal procedures when making a purchase using payment vouchers or employee reimbursements. In addition, you must also include a thorough explanation of why the gift cards are needed to fulfill the goals of the program(s) and the public purpose served. Also, indicate how the gift cards will be secured prior to distribution. Gift cards are prohibited from being purchased with a P-Card (see P-Card Restricted Purchases list) or with a cash advance (see FIN421-05.)
  • Handling the gift cards and/or gift certificates: Special care must be taken to insure proper control over these "cash-equivalent" instruments at all times. Since these are considered "cash equivalents," they have the same strict handling guidelines as cash. Specifically, place cash equivalents in a safe and secure, lockable cash box inside a locking desk or cabinet, with access restricted to a business¬† 'need-to¬≠ know' basis. Keep a log of anyone issued a key or given knowledge of the combination. Keep the number of people with this access to the minimum possible, in almost all cases to a maximum of five