Event Essentials

ASU Purchasing Guildelines

 When in doubt, visit the ASU Purchasing Website for the latest approved vendors. https://cfo.asu.edu/purchasing-sunmart

ASU Travel Agent and Hotel Contracts

When hosting programs at hotels, ASU employees are NOT permitted to sign contracts.  All contracts must be reviewed and signed by the ASU travel agent, Anthony Travel, Inc. 

Ashlin Shinn, CMP; Hotel Program Manager

480-965-9161 (direct) ashlinshinn@anthonytravel.com |  ashlin.shinn@asu.edu

ASU Event Safety Guidelines Presentation (Updated Jan 2015)


ASU Classroom Services

Most classrooms are fully mediated, meaning they come with computer, projector and screen.  Larger classrooms usually also have microphones.  It's recommended to schedule some time to test the classroom equipment prior to any special events to ensure there are no missing or damaged parts.

Visit ASU Classroom Support website for help with classroom computers, screens, microphones, etc.  https://ucc.asu.edu/classrooms/support/


ASU Sign Shop

ASU has the ability to create signage - both permanent and temporary - for units at cost.  The dean's office has 4 large a-frame signs with 11x17 inserts that we use and lend out regularly to college units.  If you'd like to purchase signage items for your unit, please visit  https://cfo.asu.edu/sign-shop-services.

ASU Approved Equipment Rentals

AZ Bounce Pro Dan Wickey, 623-236-9591

A Company, Inc Contact Susan Beard  at 1-800-456-1200

Classic Party Rentals Contact Erica Gallo at 602-232-9900 x149

Pride Group Contact Allen Royce at 480-663-3911

ProEM Contact Heather Holland at 480-507-0999

Sunstate Contact Todd Vaughan at 602-275-0601

NEW: Event Rents Contact Patrick Cannon at 602-516-1000 patrick@eventrents.net


ASU Approved Audio Visual Companies:

Visit ASU Purchasing Website for the complete list: https://cfo.asu.edu/purchasing-sunmart-av


Sparky Appearances

To request a Sparky appearance at your event, click here to fill out a form.


Parking On / Near ASU Downtown Campus:

To make arrangements for parking on campus, visit ASU Parking Services: https://cfo.asu.edu/pts-visitor-downtown


ASU Event Insurance Certificate Requests:

To request an insurance certificate (often required by off-site venues), please visit https://cfo.asu.edu/ehs-insuranceservices-certificate.   Keep in mind that requests take up to 15 days to process.  These requests no longer need to go through the college Office of Administration and Finance.

ASU Approved Transportation Vendors:

All Aboard America!
Contact:  Lesleigh Campise 480.222.6940
NOTE: 5% fuel charge if fuel is in excess of $3.75 per gallon on trips that are in excess of 100 miles outside of the
             Phoenix/Tempe area.

Busco Inc. dba Arrow Stage Lines
Contact:  Kim Weaver 480.446.2868

Divine Transportation
Contact:  Wayne Casselman 602.340.0018

Via Adventures
Contact:  Lynn Cox 480.966.4940

Raffles at Events:

ASU Departments are prohibited from hosting raffles. Please see policy here: http://www.asu.edu/counsel/brief/raffles.html

Floral for Events:

  • P- Card Reminder: flowers are a restricted p-card item!  You can purchase flowers with your personal funds and seek reimbursement from any florist or wholesaler that you choose.
  • S&S Floral Wholesale – 224 North 5th Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85003 - This is a wholesale florist, meaning they don't do arrangements.  ASU departments can set up a direct billing account to avoid using personal funds.  Call 602.714.7514 or visit www.ssfloral.com/.