Communications and Marketing


Effective communications can be a powerful tool to bring more visibility, enhance reputation and validate the value of the work being done in the College of Public Service and Community Solutions. We want broad audiences to understand the scope and impact of the accomplishments of our faculty, students and staff. We want to become recognized as the go-to place for anything related to public service and innovations in public policy, the default place to learn and discover all that is new in the disciplines of our four schools. It is our goal to advance the college and its schools, centers and academic programs through a central, integrated platform for marketing and communication support that maximizes impact and return on investment. 

While we have a comprehensive set of capabilities, there may be times when we cannot accommodate everything. If that is the case, we will work with you to either find an alternative or source external support. Any outside vendor costs—including design, photography, print and event costs—will be the responsibility of the unit. We’ll help find a solution that meets your budget. 


We support internal and external communications including web, print, media relations, social media, events, photography and video for all of the units in the college. The group supports efforts in recruitment and retention, faculty and student initiatives, development, events, community relations and engagement. 

One of the college’s strengths is our deep reservoir of compelling stories—student achievements, faculty research, community involvement and impact—and as a central group, we can help promote these stories across multiple platforms: 

  • Print collateral 
  • Website content
  • Email marketing 
  • Newsletters 
  • Media outreach 
  • Photography and video 
  • Presentations 
  • Events 

A major area of focus is interactive content—both web-based and video. 

We also want to promote internally so that there is greater awareness across the college of activity in all units. 

Getting Started 

In order for us to effectively promote your efforts, we need to be in regular contact with each other. When you have a project, story or idea, please email the marketing and communications team at You can also speak with Paul Atkinson at 602-496-0001 to talk about the scope of the project—including content development, design needs and your timeline.