Cash Handling Procedures (FIN 301-01, 301-02, 305, Best Practices)

  • All employees who handle cash as part of their regular duties must complete Cash Handling Training within three months of hire and every five years thereafter. 
  • Cash and checks should be delivered to the College's Office of Finance & Administration (OFA) on the day they are received.  If this is not possible they must be securely locked up until they can be delivered to the OFA.
  • Complete the College's Money Verification Form and deliver it with the cash, checks, and/or credit card payments to the OFA.
  • Credit card payments re to be kept in a safe or locking cabinet with access restricted to two to five persons.  The department is to maintain a log of anyone who has access to the safe or cabinet.  The credit card information should be shredded following receipt of the Treasury Cashier’s Office Receipt, if not before.  These records must be kept for five years.