Office of Budget & Space Planning

Welcome to College of Public Service and Community Solutions, Office of Budget and Space Planning.

The Office of Budget and Space Planning serves as a liaison between the college, schools and centers within the college, as well as between the college and university administrative offices. We are responsible for all aspects of budget oversight and planning, as well as space and construction management.   

Our financial role includes budget development and reporting, coordination of the overall college budgets with the university’s budget, budget change approval for all college units, and budget oversight, tracking, and maintenance for all college and school budgets. Additionally, we provide training and counsel as needed for budget processes, policies and systems, as well as training on accounting structure and reporting. The budget team develops and provides routine and special reports as needed, oversees and manages all budget forecasting and planning, and represents the college on university committees. Additionally, we also work with our college and academic units to plan and project academic enrollment. This allows us to more accurately create, track, and plan current and long-term revenue projections and goals.

Our space planning role includes providing guidance and working with our units on identifying available space options as needed. Additionally, we also oversee and manage all college construction projects, and work with the university on long term space needs and for university space reporting requirements.

Important Deadlines