Budget Change Requests

To request a budget change, submit a budget request e-form.  Include the account number and amount you are trying to process. Please allow one week for processing. If you need to process a payment within that timeframe, use another local operating account and process an IX to move expense after budget change has been processed.

Budget Change Questions:
If you receive an error on an Advantage document: 

Check with your ASU Accountant to determine the reason for the error.

  • If it is a data entry error, please correct the error and process the document.
  • If it is a budget issue, please work with your director(s) or faculty prior to contacting the budget team for assistance.
  • You will need to submit a budget request/budget change e-formPlease include the total amount you need to increase the operating budget by and which budget line will be reduced.  Verify with director(s) which budget line will be reduced and/or if additional revenue is expected to offset this expense. 
  • Check with director(s) or faculty to project out any expected additional revenue or expenses. This will assist us in limiting the number of budget changes needed in the future and prevent processing delays.
Other Questions:
For account questions - which account to use, current balance etc...- all faculty and staff should work with department BOSS (Business Office Support Specialist). BOSS should be in contact with director(s) or faculty and the OFA operations director.