Account structure

ASU Foundation Account Structure

All ASU account numbers are comprised of and “agency” and an “org”. The agency starts off with two letters, followed by a number or another letter. The org is a 4 digit number.

Example: AB1 4001

The agency portion of the account number tells you what kind of account it is:

  • AB1 = State account – remaining balances do NOT roll over from year to year
  • AB5 = General Local account – remaining balances roll over from year to year
  • AB9 = Restricted account – remaining balances roll over from year to year
  • ABS = Sponsored project account – under contractual agreement 

The ASU Foundation is a separate entity from Arizona State University. The Foundation is a private, nonprofit organization that raises and invests private contributions for the University. The Foundation manages individual donations and major gifts. Funds raised by the Foundation can be used by the respective ASU units for projects and activities in accordance with donor intent.

Every Foundation account number is made up of eight digits. The first three digits represent the fund of the account:

  • 200 - ASUF Quasi Endowment
  • 240 - ASU Quasi Endowment
  • 300 - Spendable Gift Account
  • 350 - Non Gift Account
  • 400 - ASUF Endowment
  • 700 - ASUF Endowment Spending 

The last five digits on spending accounts for endowments are consistent (e.g. 40001234 and 70001234)

 All gifts subject to a 5% fee; however, the ASU local restricted gift account is not charged 8.5% ASC. 

What is IIA?

Investigator Incentive Awards (IIA) is a disbursement to the Investigator for his/her share of the Facilities & Administrative (F&A) costs recovered on eligible sponsored projects.

FAQ sheet  Y:\shared\Manuals and Instructions\IIA FAQs.pdf - Shortcut.lnk