Academic Personnel
Academic Personnel matters are managed at the Dean's level and include responsibilities for administration of policy and procedures affecting academic personnel (faculty and academic professionals, or APs). Among the associate director, academic personnel's primary responsibilities are to guide faculty, APs, and schools through the recruitment/hiring process and various personnel reviews including promotion and tenure. 

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Laura Thede

Laura Thede is Associate Director of Academic Personnel for the College of Public Service & Community Solutions at Arizona State University. She brings over 35 years of experience, including 23 at ASU. Thede also manages college academic personnel matters, advises the four academic units within the college and facilitates implementation of policies and procedures. Additionally, she oversees special projects for the dean, and serves as a liaison between internal and external constituencies.

Academic Personnel - Faculty Titles
Faculty - Instructors, Lecturers, Clinical Professors, Research Professors, Tenure and Tenure-Track Professors Academic Professionals - Administrative Professional, Instructional Professional, Clinical Professional

Recruitment and Hiring
Faculty/Academic Professional Waivers of Recruitment
Faculty/Academic Professional Search Materials Approval/Posting College Website
Faculty/Academic Professional Hiring -Applicant Lists-Interview Approvals
Faculty/Academic Professional Hiring - Offer/Amend Letters
Faculty/Academic Professional Retention Letters
Administrative Appointments

Tenure-track Personnel
P&T Expedited Reviews for Current Faculty & New Hires
P&T Probationary Reviews and Extensions
P&T Promotion and/or Tenure
P&T Streamline
P&T Conditional Contracts & Reviews
P&T Terminal Contracts
Progress Towards Tenure Review
Annual Reviews
Post-Tenure Reviews
School Director Bi-yearly Reviews
Faculty Sabbatical Leave & Reports
Faculty Retirements, Resignations & Emeritus Status
Faculty Leave of Absences

Non-tenure Personnel
Fixed-term (MY & YTY) Faculty & Academic Professional Promotions
Multi-year Faculty & Academic Professional Renewals
Promotion and/or Continuing Appointments for Academic Personnel
Annual Reviews
Academic Professional Retirement and Resignations
Academic Professional Leave of Absence

Other Academic Personnel
Adjunct Appointment
Post-Doctoral Scholar Hiring
ASU Foundation Professorships
Faculty/Academic Professional ASU Affiliation Appointments
Faculty/Academic Professional Educational Background Verification
Faculty/Academic Professional Notification of Consulting
Faculty Nominations
Faculty/Academic Professional Academic Personnel Files